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Nadia Edwards GenX Dating Coach

all about nadia

Nadia (nay-dee-uh) Edwards is a sought after GenX Dating Coach, podcast host, and expert in helping single women over 40 find a life partner. 

After meeting her life partner within 30 days, Nadia brings a caring, no-nonsense approach to dating and she takes women who are ready to date again and puts them on the path to finding their cherished partner. 


With hundreds of followers across social media, Nadia shares her tips for dating in midlife. On her popular podcast, Grown and Tender, she dives deeper on topics like How to Date Multiple Men at the Same Time, How to Stop Picking the Wrong One, How to Date Effectively, and Is Financial Compatibility Important. As a stirring speaker, she vulnerably shares her own story of heartbreak and how it set her free. And she uses the stage to empower women to make better choices, break patterns and give themselves permission to choose differently.  

As a coach, she helps her clients to navigate healing, uncover their personal values, embrace their needs, be honest about their wants and put a dating strategy into action. Many of the women she serves are successful, high-achieving, financially secure and fiercely independent. And they question why it’s so hard to find a good man and compatible partner. But Nadia helps them to work through their self-doubt and find the romantic connection they’ve been looking for. 

When Nadia is not sharing her best dating advice, she can be found gallivanting around the world and savoring life’s moments with her husband. And her goal is to help her clients achieve the same love, joy and meaningful partnership.  

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