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 No more wondering,
"Where do I find a good man?"

You've focused on all the other things and now you want true love.

But you feel like you're looking for Waldo.

Let's work together to change that.

i'm nadia (nay-dee-uh)

I'm guessing someone we know sent you here, to meet me. This trusted friend noticed that you need my help. Or perhaps you watched one of my videos on social media and decided to stop by. 

I'm sooo glad you did and welcome! I share a lot of information here for single GenX women trying to find romantic love.


Because I know all about it sis. And I'll share my secrets, with you, that helped me find my life partner in 30 days.

I know how hard it is to find a good man as a woman in midlife! So I'm sharing my 4 simple strategies for FREE. Click the link for the free audio training.

Nadia Edwards GenX Dating Coach
Heart Shaped Waffles
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