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This is How I Roll

3 Things to Know About Working With Me

Nadia Edwards GenX Dating Coach

I Believe Good Men Exist

It doesn't matter how long you've been looking for him, your age, or your last dead-end relationship(s). I believe the man that is right for you is looking for you. You must believe too.

I Will Change The Way You Date

I  do this by offering 1:1 coaching sessions, recommend books, and share personal experiences that teach successful, financially stable women like you how to succeed in dating and experience better dates that lead you to find a loving partner. 

I'm Not For Everyone and I'm Good With That

GenX women are my jam. We value financial independence, personal responsibility, family, and good food. 

I work exclusively with women in midlife who has/had a successful career, or is a success-minded entrepreneur, or a small businesses owner, and other ambitious women over 40. 

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