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Not sure where to start?
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Dating Strategy!

Let's find the best way for you to navigate the modern dating world.

Our insightful quiz will show you the way!

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Hey sis, are you afraid to date again? Not sure what to do? We understand. Figuring out the right steps to take to meet the man that you want to enjoy life with can be overwhelming. ​


But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our personalized quiz will help you discover the best dating strategy tailored just for you. Let’s get you on the path to finding your life partner!

Ready to get started?

Take the quiz now and get your ideal dating strategy!

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Why take the quiz?

 ☑️ Personalized Results

We'll send you the dating strategy that suits your unique personality and lifestyle.

💡 Expert Insights

Get ready to receive some amazing tips and expert advice tailored just for you based on your quiz results! 

 💛 Confidence Boost

With a clear plan, feel confident in your ability to navigate modern dating without the fear.

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How it Works

📝 Answer Simple Questions

Our quiz is quick and easy, designed to gather insights about you and your dating preferences.

💡 Get Personalized Advice

You'll receive tailored advice and strategies based on your answers.

 🗓️ Join the Webinar

We'll automatically register you for our upcoming “Love Spark” webinar for more exclusive strategies to help you find your life partner.



​Don’t wait!

Discover your ideal dating strategy today and take the first step towards finding your life partner.


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Love Spark 
3 Steps to Ignite Your Dating After 40

What You'll Learn In This Exclusive Webinar


Recognize and Break Free from Dating Patterns

Understand why dating your “type” might be holding you back and learn how to open up to new possibilities.


Identify Core Values That Really Matter in a Partner

Discover how to focus more on your values and your life goals to find the right partner.


Expand Your Comfort Zone to Meet Quality Partners

Explore ways to connect with potential partners through different social activities and events.

By taking our quiz, you're automatically registered for our “Love Spark” webinar.  Keep an eye on your inbox for details!

Attending this webinar will transform your dating journey. Here's how:

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We’re here to support you on your journey to finding your life partner.

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